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Editing Proofs: Use a Grammar and Spell Checker

An article you write for publication somewhere else, as well as articles you publish on your blog or website, must be of high quality. This includes the information and context they provide, but also the spelling and punctuation. Editing and proofreading articles is a must. I’ve previously written about how to write and proofread, and what it is like to actually read through your article. Also, how important it is that you don’t read everything at once. How you can collaborate with people who are either professional editors or writers. Use an article grammar and spelling checker. See grammar checker for get more info.

People often write articles in Notepad or article directory dialog boxes. Although this is perfectly fine, it’s odd people don’t use word processing software or other editing programs that have more advanced specifications. A majority of word processors come with a spell and grammar checker. You can then run the grammar checker after you have finished writing your article to determine which mistakes are most significant.

Although not every error will be caught by all the checkers, most will. You will be able to produce articles or pieces of content without making the same mistakes. You could also benefit from the education you get by using these grammar or spell checkers to aid in your proof reading, something that you should always be doing.

Microsoft Word (parts of Microsoft Office), is expensive to buy. However, you can still get similar functions from free software. Open Office is one such free software that you can download and enjoy. You get most of the features of expensive software but it’s constantly being updated.