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Sales Representatives of Buy Here , Pay Here

In order to persuade customers to Buy Here Pay Here Dealers who sell here pay here spend so many hours and so much money on advertisements. It is possible to waste all your efforts if a salesperson does not have the proper training or fails to deal with customers. Many customers become disillusioned when they believe that sales representatives lie to them. Here are some things you need to be aware of.

Representatives are taught that they should not lie. This can make it difficult to believe at times, as they may also be misleading. Let’s say a vehicle has a cool, red color, but the paint is chipped in several places. You might be tempted to buy it if the salesperson says, “This car looks great and can make you feel good among friends!” However, if the salesperson asks you to sell the vehicle and look at other options for it, he might instead say “This vehicle would only embarrass me among my friends!” Both instances were not lies. However, they were using emotional marketing to sell their idea. The first quote emphasizes the coolness of the red color while the second focuses on the embarrassing scratches. This is why you should focus on facts and consider the facts thoroughly without allowing your emotions to cloud your ability to make informed decisions.

The Lies

Some representatives are untrained and ruin the reputation for all the others by lying. This happens especially when they know a fact they don’t like and then lie to you. One example is that they may know that the vehicle was in a terrible accident. If you ask them about the history of the vehicle, they might say, “We don’t know the facts.” Although this might seem like a lie to the representative, it isn’t. They may not actually have the history of the car. However, if they do, he should be honest with the customers.

Customers need to be able to see through the lies of their representatives. If people lie, the moisture in their mouths and tongues can dry up. This sudden decrease in moisture is compensated by an opposite, sudden increase in moisture. The usual symptoms are: forehead sweating, nose tip and back of neck itching, excess moisture directed towards the eyes. Or, extra moisture in the fingertips which causes the fingertips to become moister with visible water vapour on the palm. Knowing these signs can help you tell if the representative is honest or a bluff!

However, similar reactions can also occur when the body is under stress. The representative might feel pressured to sign off on negotiations, or be new to his job. Similar phenomena could also occur if he is honest. Customers should be able differentiate between a lie, and a stressful situation.