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Surrogacy overseas – A Boon for Medical Tourism

One of the fastest growing methods of assisted reproduction is surrogacy. Surrogacy is growing in popularity because it can be of great help for those who are unable to conceive or do not wish to get pregnant. It’s also great for lesbian and gay couples, visit this link.

Surrogacy in the majority of developed countries, however, is expensive and can lead to a lot of legal problems. The laws in the US governing surrogacy differ from one state to the next. A study of surrogacy laws across 51 states revealed that only 14 states allow gestational surrogacy for married couples. While it is permissible in 7 states, it is not permitted in the other seven. The United Kingdom, Canada and France have made commercial surrogacy arrangements illegal. However, Japan seems to still be open-minded about surrogate childbirth. Surrogate motherhood laws in most developed countries, such as Germany, are very restrictive. It is estimated that surrogacy costs, including the surrogate mother’s payment, can run between US$50,000 to $100,000. These are the two main reasons why surrogacy is increasingly being sought overseas. India is a popular choice.

Surrogacy is a strong practice in India, with many successful cases. Surrogacy fees in India are only a fraction of those in developed countries. There are few legal complications and issues involved. The Indian Council of Medical Research has issued guidelines on surrogacy and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) but there is currently no law in India. India’s advanced health system, which includes IVF doctors and a team of experts in surrogacy, is another major advantage for surrogacy. Many Indian hospitals help couples find surrogates. Because English is the second most widely spoken language in India, one will not face any language barriers.

Surrogacy abroad increases the potential for medical tourism in the host country. This is a bonus for the economy and helps with development. India’s medical tourism is growing rapidly and will soon be a 1-2 Billion dollar industry by 2012. Indian surrogacy has already grown to $445 million annually. Over 50 surrogate mothers have been registered at a single Indian clinic in Gujarat, the westernmost state. Half of these women are from India or Westerners. Health concerns are a concern in a country like India, which has the highest number of surrogates from the lowest strata. Before deciding to commission a surrogate mother, the couple must first determine the medical and health status of the woman.